Some words about the proper format, or structure, to use in your proposal...

In Assignments 3-5 of the class, students learn about a widely used format or structure for grant proposal writing.  That format, presented in the textbook, Program Planning and Proposal Writing" by Norton J. Kiritz includes the following sections: Summary, Introduction, Problem Statement or Needs Assessment, Objectives, Methods, Evaluation, Future or Other Necessary Funding, and Budget.  It is recommended to use these key components whenever there is NO format provided by the funding source.  If, however, the funding source provides a particular structure....definitely use the funding source's structure.

For example, if a foundation says that a proposal should include three main areas:

  1. Introduction
  2. Objectives
  3. Budget

Then, organize the structure of your proposal into these three sections accordingly: Introduction, Objectives and Budget.   When this is the case, make sure to include the important aspects of the eight sections above in your proposal.

To assist you including the key components of the eight sections found in the textbook, download a summary:

bulletCheck out this Summary of Key Components
bulletIf you have Power Point, try Power Point Summary of Key Components 
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